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CONVERGENCE – BuddhatoBuddha

The Ketut collection has a timeless character and a renowned solidity. The bracelets and the silver rings are harmonized by their design and they can be adapted for men and women. Made by hand in Indonesia, each piece is chosen according to your inspiration… unique just like you. BuddhatoBuddha (514) 212 4264 buddhatobuddha-canada.ca

EXCELLENCE – Henri Vézina

A well-dressed man is recognized by the shirt he wears. Made in Sweden, the Strenströms shirt is distinguished by its superior quality; 23 components, 60 assembly operations and 5 inspections are required to make it. This perfect shirt is found at the address frequented by men’s fashion connoisseurs. Henri Vézina 1825, boul. Daniel-Johson, Laval (450) … Continue reading EXCELLENCE – Henri Vézina

BELLISSIMA – Jean-Paul Fortin

Jean-Paul Fortin has been keeping Canadian men and women feet in fabulous footwear for 50 years! The company is a shoe-in for most personalized service, and offers a fine selection of exclusive, well-known brands. From Brunate, for example, come these hand-made crackle patent leather loafers that epitomize Italian elegance and style. Jean-Paul Fortin jeanpaulfortin.com

Fun! Fun! Fun lamp – Bonaldo

It is colourful, lightweight, mini and versatile. It can tilt its head, stick to metal surfaces (even vertical ones!), overlap armrests, backrests and headboards, and can even be attached to a table. It will illuminate your space and, most likely, your life. Bonaldo 2, rue Le Royer Est Montréal (514) 287 9222 bonaldo.ca

HOT BBQ – Gaz Propane Monin

A sculptural design characterizes Morsø Forno. Even better, it serves many purposes! This barbecue is also a smoker and a functional outdoor oven. Steaks, salmon, pizzas… let your greed guide you! Our heart is already on fire for this great find! Gaz Propane Monin moninpropane.com
Henri Vezina

McLaren Montréal launches McLaren’s new fashion collection

McLaren automotive has taken their design standards to fashion. Creating casual pieces with a sophisticated edge, the brand’s new fashion and accessories collection is now available to fans on McLaren Montréal’s new e-boutique. Featuring luxury merino wool pullovers, polos crafted from bamboo cotton for breathable comfort, to light umbrellas perfect for the Paddock club, these … Continue reading McLaren Montréal launches McLaren’s new fashion collection

CACHET -Dekton’s Industrial Serie

CACHET – Dekton’s Industrial Series pays tribute to the beauty of wear-and-tear imperfections of metal and natural stone. The unparalleled technology can mimic organic processes and it reflects the complexity of oxidation and beauty of erosion. The perfect balance between modern and old. dekton.com


A JUST AROUND THE CORNER INSPIRATION – When it comes to trendy and elegant fabrics and furniture, Avenue Design is a must. Did you know that there is also a selection of decorative accessories that are just as impressive? Because, as we all know, accessories are essential to a beautiful decor. Avenue Design 3425, boul. … Continue reading A JUST AROUND THE CORNER INSPIRATION – Avenue Design


PERFORMANCE – Featuring the most advanced screen technology and the best TV audio system, the BeoVision Eclipse is the ultimate camera for cinematographic quality images. Supported by BeoLab 50 speakers and a sleek and rounded silhouette, the Eclipse is an exceptional system. KébecSon 6555 rue Saint-Denis, Montréal (514) 270 7900 kebecson.com


IMAGINATION – Inspired by Egyptian engineering and technology, the FIXION model by JF Ray reminds us of the Louvre pyramid. The most fascinating part: only one sheet of folded metal completes the frame! The finish—in chrome or galaxy black—contributes to its futuristic style. Doyle optométristes & opticiens doyle.ca