A commitment that speaks to her inner child

Bita is a mother who, along with her husband, Paolo, acknowledges the many opportunities and privileges her family enjoys, but believes whole-heartedly in her responsibility to support those who need help, particularly children. A chance encounter encouraged her to plan her first UNICEF fundraiser in Montreal. Inspiration came from the story of Emmanuel Anassis, founder … Continue reading A commitment that speaks to her inner child

Daoust Lestage – From city to object

The spectacular Caisse de dépôt building(1) is theirs. So are Montreal’s Quartier international(1), Quartier des spectacles, and the Promenade Samuel-de Champlain(1) in Quebec city. After nearly three decades of collaborative projects and dozens of awards, architectural firm Daoust Lestage has lost none of its passion. We met with Renée Daoust and Réal Lestage, whose shared … Continue reading Daoust Lestage – From city to object

Joining forces to combat AIDS in Africa

HIV/AIDS is not the unbeatable affliction it once was, but we are still a longway from eradication. The struggle continues, but support from a significant number of awareness campaigns are spotlighting the cause. John Legend and Belvedere are among those making voices heard. It’s been five years since Belvedere began its collaboration with the (RED) … Continue reading Joining forces to combat AIDS in Africa

Pierre Simard, The silent partner

His name does not immediately ring a bell for most. And yet, Pierre Simard and his partners are behind a number of transactions that have shaped Québec Inc. in recent years. Working with energetic managers and visionary founders, Simard oversaw the creation of MUST, a new leader in high-end furniture, while simultaneously orchestrating the relaunch … Continue reading Pierre Simard, The silent partner

A thirst for life

Martin Gauthier runs an agency known worldwide for its part in creating the famous “taste tags” so familiar to SAQ customers across Qu ebec. He spoke to us about a passion that speaks to his unbridled love of live. IT STARTED AS A SIMPLE INTEREST… Gauthier admits openly that nothing predisposed him to becoming the … Continue reading A thirst for life

Helping women succeed across the board

Sometimes a cause chooses you, as opp osed to the other way around, as was the case with Caroline Codsi, founder and president of not-for-profit organization, La Gouvernance au féminin (aka Women and Boards). It all started in 2010, when Codsi—a veteran business woman who has lived on three continents and speaks four languages fluently—wanted … Continue reading Helping women succeed across the board

Saddling up for the cause

FNAP HAS HONED ITS MISSION TO PROVIDE DIRECT FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE TO LOW-INCOME FAMILIES WITH SICK CHILDREN, TO COVER THE COSTS OF TREATMENTS, AND TO IMPROVE QUALITY OF LIFE. Fondation Noël au printemps (FNAP) has been operating generously–and discreetly–for ten years now. The foundation, whose name means “Christmas in Spring,” was the spontaneous brainchild of a … Continue reading Saddling up for the cause


One hundred years ago, Griffintown was the most industrialized district in Canada. Today, it has evolved to become one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Montreal. Once the home of abandoned factories and dilapidated housing, in recent years, hip shops and neighbourhood restaurants have sprung up. Famous chefs are hanging out their shingle, condos are sprouting … Continue reading Griffintown

Leading the ball

The McCord Museum is making history by call ing upon four female business leaders who have come together to ensure proper recognition for this outstanding institution. Located in the heart of Montreal, right across from McGill University, the McCord Museum is a unique institution dedicated to the preservation, study and appreciation of Montreal’s cultural history. … Continue reading Leading the ball